JERSEY Watercolours

Joan Paine said that Paine regarded himself as primarily a watercolourist and it seems that was the genre he most enjoyed.   In 1948 Teuila wrote, “How I wish I could see your water colours of Ireland!”   Tramore Cove (County Waterford) was exhibited at the Royal Academy (1037) in 1959, displayed on an easel on the main staircase.     It was priced at 50 guineas and remained unsold.


Tramore Cove, County Waterford

Paine’s need to earn a living by teaching and producing commercial art resulted in a small body of such work.   When he was more at leisure in Jersey he painted a series of watercolours that were issued as post cards, several of them of Mount Orgueil Castle at Gorey.

St. Mary's Crypt Gorey Castle 13 x 10 insSt. Mary’s Crypt, Gorey Castle

Gorey Castle GateGorey Castle Gate

Gorey Castle GatehouseQueen Elizabeth Gate, Gorey Castle

A Gorey PierGorey Pier

Anne Port Jersey PaineGeoffrey’s Leap and St. Catherine’s Breakwater

Paine titled this painting ‘Anne Port’.

Auray, France, watercolour Paine 1944Auray, Brittany, dated 1944

Auray is inland from the south coast of Brittany roughly half way between Brest and Nantes.   It seems very unlikely that Paine would have been able to go there in 1944.   For most of that year Brittany was under German occupation.

Boat yard Watercolour Jersey 1950's.Jersey Boat Yard 1950’s

Members of the Jersey Historical Society tried to locate the yard and suggested that it shows ‘the boat privately built [as a retirement project] by Commander [Norman] Hall RNVR.   He lived initially above St. Aubin but later … at St. Ouen.’   Paine may well have known him.

Fisherman's house July 1959 PaineFisherman’s Cottage July 1959

Location unknown, possibly at Trinity.   It is a typical building of its type.

Jersey Farm Watercollour sketch PaineJersey Farm (watercolour sketch)

Jersey View Watercolour sketch PaineJersey View

Boat in dock possibly 'Sorcini'Possibly ‘Sorcini’

Anna Paine owned a boat called ‘Sorcini’ which may be the one depicted here.   The initial ‘J’ on the boat is part of the registration, and would be followed by a number – used on all registered fishing boats.  The boat is definitely in Jersey, probably at Gorey, as the Island is subject to one of the greatest tidal ranges in the world – 38′ or 12 metres.   So the ‘legs’ that are shown had to be fitted on when the boat was in harbour to prop it up, sitting on the sand, as the tide ebbed.   (Information courtesy of the Jersey Historical Society)


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