Frame for wartime poster

This frame, presumably for a poster, comprises twelve images, eleven depicting men and women who played their part in the defeat of Hitler and one showing St. George slaying the Nazi dragon.   On his left a member of the Home Guard stands with the British bulldog in defiant readiness to defend our country from invasion.   On his right a Fireman douses flames during the blitz in defense of Christian civilization.   These three images hold a message for our own time.   The Christian civilisation of which our country is a product is again in dire need of being defended.

At the top the Land Girls labour in the fields.   Then an Infantryman, an ATS woman, a Pilot, a Driver, a Nurse, an Air Raid Warden, A Munitions Worker and a Sailor.

Lend to Defend London 1940 Original offset lithograph, published by H.M. Stationery Office, printed by Vincent, Brooks Day & Son Ltd., London, 1940                                                                           1940

National Savings – Map of Europe poster 1945

National Savings – British Army Map poster 1944

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