SUNDOUR Empire Symbols

Paine designed eight stylised empire symbols for Morton Sundour, possibly for a wallpaper or textile.  Undated.                                                                                                                         Elephant India stylised Sundour India Elephant

Kangeroo Australia stylised SundourAustralia Kangaroo with nervous Joey

Kiwi New Zealand stylised SundourNew Zealand Kiwi

7 Maple Leaf Canada design blue and white SundourCanada Maple Leaf

8 Lion Kenya stylised blue and white SundourKenya Lion

Empire Symbol 1 Impala South AfricaSouth Africa Impala

1 Buffalo - Bison United States stylised blue and white SundourThe Buffalo or Bison is a symbol of the United States and of the native Americans.   It is possible though unlikely that Paine was a die-hard empire loyalist dreaming of the day when the American colonies would resume their allegiance to the British Crown.   The bison also symbolises Canada but we already have the Maple Leaf.

3 Flowers and leaves design - first page CP's Sundour folderI am unable to identify this plant.   Suggestions welcome.

6 Leaf design 2 blue and white SundourI am unable to identify this leaf.   Suggestions welcome.



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