COMMERCIAL Church’s Shoes

The Church shoe company was founded in 1873 by Thomas Church and his three sons and remained a family business until being taken over by Prada in 1999.   Church’s shoes had a high reputation for excellence which was reflected in their use of the best commercial designers of the day in their advertising.   These twelve roughs were produced sometime during the thirties or forties.   I cannot be any more precise than that.

1 Church's Famous Shoes Paine    2 Church's Shoes Paine

3 Church's Shoes Paine    4 Church's Shoes Paine

5 Church's Shoes Paine    6 Church's Shoes Paine

7 Church's Shoes Paine    8 Church's Shoes Paine

9 Church's Shoes Paine    10 Church's Shoes Paine

11 Church's Shoes Paine    12 Church's Shoes Paine


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