Royal School of Needlework

When Paine returned to London from California in 1931 he ‘resumed private practice and research work’ (Paine’s CV).   In addition he was appointed visiting teacher at the Blackheath School of Art*, where the part-time Principal (1929-39) was his friend, John Platt.   This appointment terminated on the outbreak of war in 1939 when the school was taken over by the Army.

In 1932 Paine was appointed to reorganise the Training School Design and Drawing classes at the Royal School of Needlework, a task completed in 1934.   John Platt, was instrumental in obtaining the appointment.   Paine expressed his gratitude with this cartoon of himself, crowned with triumph, plying a needle at a sewing frame.

* For an excellent account of Paine’s work at the Blackheath School of Art see the BSA historian and archivist’s blog:

Charles Paine cartoon thanks for Royal College of Needlework job

(Reproduced by kind permission of the estate of John Platt.)

I have no further information regarding Paine’s work at the RSN.   The study for the first greetings telegram (cf. posts October 17, 2017;  October 20 2017) indicates that he retained a connection through the 1930s.

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