During the early nineteen-thirties Paine made a series of experiments for Francis Meynell of the Nonesuch Press (founded 1923)  in the use of  common newspaper screens applied to book illustration.   He provided the ‘decorations’ for Sea Sequel (pub. 1934 Nonesuch Press), described as ‘intended to be a safe cover against weather not so good or companions not so amusing as the traveler for pleasure, business or health may wish!’   This was the sequel to the very popular Weekend Book (pub. 1924), described as ‘an enchanting treasury of off-hours activities from the England of yesteryear’.

Sea Sequel to the Weekend Book

                   Sea Sequel 1934 CP - Title page with fish DONE      Sea Sequel The Poetry of the Sea

                   Sea Sequel Songs - three fishes             Sea Sequel Sea Stories

                       Sea Sequel Mutiny and Mystery, Shipwreck and Piracy          Sea Sequel Ship's Company

                  Sea Sequel First Aid            Sea Sequel Games Dress and Undress







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