These twelve images were for a calendar.   They are undated and I don’t know for whom they were made.   I have attributed a month to each according to the subjects.   Some are obvious such as November but others such as May and June may be incorrect.

Calendar image 1 Shooting JanuaryJanuary- shooting.

Calendar image 2 Sowing FebruaryFebruary – sowing

Calendar image 3 March WindsMarch – winds

Calendar image 4 April ShowersApril – showers

Calendar image 5 May BlissMay – paradise                                                                                                                                This picture recalls the well-known quatrain from Fitzgerald’s translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Here with a loaf of bread beneath the bough,                                                                                  A flask of wine, a book of verse – and Thou                                                                                       Beside me singing in the wilderness –                                                                                                 And wilderness is paradise enow.

There seems to have been a role reversal as it is the young man who is singing while the young woman holds a bunch of flowers.

Calendar image 6 Officer proposing JuneJune – proposal
He loves me, he loves me not …

Calendar image 7 Punting couple JulyJuly – punting

Calendar image 8 Fishing AugustAugust – fishing

Calendar image 9 Plowing SeptemberSeptember – ploughing

10 CP Calendar image 8 Huntsman OctoberOctober – hunting

11 CP Calendar image 9 Guy Fawkes - CopyNovember – Guy Fawkes

12 CP Calendar image 10 Pantomime - CopyDecember – pantomime

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