When Welwyn was begun in the 1920’s the planners intended that all the residents of the garden city would shop in one shop and created the Welwyn Stores, a monopoly which caused some local resentment.  Commercial pressures subsequently ensured much more competition and variety, and in 1984 the Welwyn Stores were taken over by the John Lewis Partnership.

Welwyn Extra Special Store Opening 1939

The poster announced the opening of the new Under 25 (shillings) department at the Stores by the film actress, Greta Gynt, on 26 June 1939.





Paine designed the entrance (below) in green, cream and silver.

Welwyn Stores Under 25 EntranceWelwyn Store Opening 1939 Paine 3rd from left

26 June 1939.                                                                                                                                            Paine is standing third from left.   Greta Gynt holds a bouquet of irises and pink and yellow tulips.





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