BOOK ILLUSTRATION Miscellaneous Covers

At the Ceasefire coverUndated

I have no further information.   Several other books by B. N. Langdon-Davies are on sale at Amazon, the earliest dated 1937.

Booklet '!Hitler Codicia El Mundo!' by Dr Herman Rauschning El hombre qu3 conoce los designios de Hitler Undated 1930s Cover design by Charles Paine - Copy DONE     Undated 1930s

Booklet by Dr. Herman Rauschning (7 August 1887 – 8 February 1982), a German Conservative Revolutionary who briefly joined the Nazis before breaking with them.   In 1934 he renounced Nazi party membership and in 1936 emigrated from Germany (eventually settling in the United States) and began openly denouncing Nazism. Rauschning is chiefly known for his book Gespräche mit Hitler (Conversations with Hitler), US title Voice of Destruction, UK title Hitler Speaks, in which he claimed to have had many meetings and conversations with Hitler.

Carrying On                                                             Undated.   Probably WWII.

I have no further information.

Masks by Arthur Bliss

Masks: Four Pieces for Pianoforte (1924)


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