WELWYN Welco Bulletin

Welco is a company that supplies storage, racking, partitioning and handling and general office equipment.   There was a Welco benefit society at Welwyn in the 1930s and Paine probably made these designs (gouache) for the Welco bulletin in 1940 or thereabouts.   There was also a ‘Welco Players’ that probably put on performances at the Barn Theatre.

Welco 1       Welco 2     Cricket                                                                 Netball

Welco 3        Welco 4    Winter Sport                                                      Tennis

Welco 6       Welco 7     Rambling                                                       Darts

Welco 8       Welco 9        Table Tennis                                                              Drama

Welco 10       The boys are marching.

Welco 11          Welco 12

Dance                                                                   Whist

Welco 5

Welco logo

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