MORTON SUNDOUR 1928 Calendar

Commercial Art of 1 June 1928 said, ‘We have received a number of interesting calendars for 1928.   The best of them, perhaps, are those designed for Sundour Fabrics by Charles Paine.   Each month has a separate device in bright colours.   Mr. Paine has a tendency to elaborate just a trifle too much in some of his designs, but the January in one of the calendars, a simple, bold drawing of a raven, is entirely admirable.’

Sundour Calendar January 1928 1     1 January 1928 2

Paine produced two sets of designs for the 1928 calendars.

Sundout Calendar February 1928 1       2. February 2 1928 - Copy

Sundour Calendar March 1928 1         Sundour CalendarMarch 1928 2

Sundour Calendar April 1928 1       Sundour Calendar April 1928 2

Sundour Calendar May 1928 1       Sundour Calendar May 1928 2

Sundour Calendat June 1928 1    Sundour Calendar June 1928 2

Sundour Calendar July 1928 1            Sundour Calendat July 1928 2

Sundour Calendar August 1928 1            Sundour Calendar August 1928 2

Sundour Calendar September 1928 1       Sundour Calendar September 1928 2

Sundour Calendar October 1928 1     I have only one design for October

Sundour Calendar November 1928 1             Sundour Calendar November 1928 2

Sundour Calendar December 1928 1          Sundour Calendar December 1928 2

Paine takes us cheerfully through the seasons from a sailor sea-sick in a paper boat in January via a feathered choir in June and a boy scrumping in September to a snowman with his pipe in December.   As ever in his art Paine draws on the rich imagery of the natural world and invites us to share his own affection for it.

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