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Oaklands School logo - Copy

Paine taught for a time at Oaklands School for girls, Lytton Lodge, Codicote, Hitchin.   The school magazine Summer 1946 (Hertfordshire Archives)  includes the following comment:

            ‘The study of art has made great strides under Mr. Paine.   Peals of laughter come from the Verandah, but serious work is being done, including modelling in clay.   Everyone listens when Mr. Paine teaches, and the Staff would like to join the classes too.   ‘His “owl” design has been presented to the  school – and the acorns were mainly his idea.’

The school closed in 1951.

Welwyn Woodworkers LimitedUndated

Welwyn Design - possibly Easter CP - Copy doneUndated

This may be a preliminary sketch for the Underground poster ‘Spring by Underground’ 1928.   (See POSTERS: London Transport 27 October 2017)

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