POSTERS Empire Marketing Board

Fur Traders EMB SkierFur Traders 1926.   Signed faintly in bottom right hand corner of margin ‘Charles Paine’.

Fur Traders FoxesThis version has Arctic foxes instead of the lone skier.

Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland Empire Marketing Board 1926Salmon Fishing Newfoundland 1926

Vines of Australia EMB 1926The Vines of Australia 1926

These three posters by Paine were among the exhibits at the Burlington House Exhibition of Empire Marketing Board posters that was opened by the prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, on 3rd November 1926.   The Exhibition was timed to coincide with the 7th Imperial Conference of Prime Ministers from the Dominions.   The conference was notable for adopting the term ‘Commonwealth’.

The posters were part of the recently-constituted EMB’s publicity campaign to popularise Empire-grown foods and were the work of some of the leading artists of the day including McKnight Kauffer, F.C. Herrick, Charles Pears, Paul Henry, George Sheringham, Gregory Brown, G. Spencer Pryse, E.A. Cox, Charles Dixon, Spenser Wilkinson and Fred Taylor.


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