1 Dunhill Fountain Shaving Brush - Paine

2 Dunhill Unique Lighter - Paine

3 The Dunhill Vanity - Paine

From 1893 Alfred Dunhill ran a company selling motoring accessories, and in 1902 opened a shop in Mayfair.   He developed a pipe designed for motorists in 1904.   He opened a tobacconists in St. James’s in 1907, offering tailored tobacco blends.   Shops were opened in New York and Paris in the 1920’s.   With his international ambitions, Dunhill helped to create the modern luxury goods market.   He retired from business in 1929, and married his mistress in 1945, following the death of his wife.   (Wikipedia)

Paine evidently knew the Dunhills socially as well as professionally and in 1928 received an invitation to a ‘Haymaking Party’.   He designed the invitation card.

4 RSVP invite to Dunhill haymaking party 1928 - Paine      5 RSVP invitation to Dunhill haymaking party 1928 - Paine


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