9 Park Place

9 Park PlaceUndated

I don’t know who commissioned this map or for what purpose.    Today 9 Park Place is occupied by two companies.   The area of London shown on the map is to the south and west of Piccadilly Circus, bounded by Green Park and St. James’ Park.

In the top right hand corner Cupid fires an arrow at 9 Park Place.   Perhaps whoever commissioned the map was in love with one of the inhabitants.   To Cupid’s left a stout gentleman congratulates a traditionally attired artist at the Royal Academy.   Further left may be a depiction of the Palm Beach Casino at the Mayfair Hotel.   On the second row left the town crier rings his bell.   In the centre an angel holds St. James’ Church, Piccadilly, in a protective embrace.   The very small panel on the right shows a theatrical performance reminiscent of Top Hat, White Tie and Tails (1935).   The centre of St. James’ Square is an enigma.   Around it going clockwise we see one of the ladies, perhaps, who gave Jermyn Street a doubtful reputation, a policeman in jeopardy from speeding traffic, a hurrying newsboy and lastly a sailor with a parrot on his shoulder drinking with a soldier.   Above The Mall is clubland, cigarettes and whiskey and reading in deep leather armchairs.   In the lower right hand corner a fat bird contemplates the scene.   In the lower left corner of the map stands St. James’ Palace, London residence of the Prince of Wales.    Above, the Plough points to the Pole Star where Cupid’s arrow finds its mark.

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